About us

S-Arms is a training company for high-risk security operators, law enforcement, government agencies and responsible citizen’s

Based in Estonia, S Arms was founded by a group of Veterans with extensive army experience and numerous combat tours.

Every member of the S-Arms team is certified to deliver training with a variety of weapon systems and has extensive combat and security industry experience. Each S Arms instructor carries the skills and mindset needed to survive and perform in some of the most hostile environments in the world. We know the importance of quality instruction and strive to make sure our students get the best possible preparation to fight the good fight. 


S-Arms Estonia:

  • Highly motivated training team
  • All training team members are ex military instructors
  • Experienced in hostile environment Iraq, Afghanistan, Aden gulf
  • Infantry and Maritime Vessel Protection Detachment

Priit Paulus – Managing Director


Priit is a life-long firearms user and experienced NATO trained instructor. He is a veteran of military service in the Estonian Defense Force, specifically in Reconnaissance and Small Unit Tactics. Finished his career as WO i/c of the Estonian Defense Force Infantry Training School.


Priit also has extensive private security experience, predominantly in the Middle East where he currently provides firearms training services for multi-national security organizations. He is a certified instructor and successfully combines his operational and domestic firearms experience (many Estonians are taught firearms safety and proficiency from a very young age) with a clear and effective instructional method.