Close Protection Officer Hostile Environment

Close Protection Officer course is designed for candidates who wish to work as a team member of personal security detail in high-risk countries. Duration of this course in 14 days

Conditions to participate on course:

Students must be prepared to demonstrate their English language proficiency on as CEFR level B2 minimum

Info about English language proficiency on webpage

Physical fitness test –  2 miles run / (tactical bulletproof vest, helmet, weapon) – time no more than 22 minutes.

Press-ups x 50- 2 min, sit-ups x 50-2 min.

Topics covered on the course:

  • Roles and responsibilities of close protection officer
  • Threat and Risk assessment
  • Emergency Situations, response plans and incident managing
  • Situational awareness and personal security
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Surveillance
  • Close Protection Team formations
  • Communication
  • Close Protection Teamwork
  • Search procedures of rooms, vehicles and body search
  • Venue recce and security
  • Armored vehicles specifications
  • Navigation, tracking and other electronic equipment
  • Route recce
  • Defensive & offensive driving techniques
  • Convoy driving drills
  • Anti-ambush drills
  • Situational vehicle recovery
  • Rules for use of force
  • Firearms training, qualification shoot and tactical shooting course

The result is tested and qualified close protection team member

Weapons used on course:

Rifles AR15, CZ858, AK-47, G3

pistol Glock 17/19, Beretta 92, CZ-75 SP 01

Ammunition expenditure about 1,000 rounds per student.

Course start: at 09:30 Pärn, Raba 1 a.

Scheduled Course Dates: 15 May – 28 May 2017

29.04.2019 – 12.05.2019


2500 EUR. including NAEMT TC3, includes accommodation and meals

2100 EUR. (Accommodation and meals are not provided)

NAEMT TC3 Training provided by estonian Military Academy instructors (for students who want only TC3 training – the price is 450 eur.)

Horizon Security Solutions offers to students additional five-day training for CPO BTEC Level 3 diploma.


500 GBP.