Firearm license applicant course

Info for firearm license applicant:

Due to changes in Estonian firearms act. Applicants for firearms license need to have conducted firstaid course 16h. S-Arms is firstaid training provider, we are registered in Ministry of Social Affairs Occupational Health firstaid training provider

Learning objectives

Estonian firearms act and penal code

Firearm safe handling knowledge and skills.

Introduction of marksmanship principles and accurate shooting skills.

  • Estonian weapon act law&legsilation
  • Emergency situation and emergency defense
  • Firearms safe handling
  • Basic of marksmanship and accurate shooting skills
  • Clearing firearm stoppages


Training is scheduled for 7 hours in one day

Firearms used for this course are same as on exams in Police West Prefecture: Glock 19, revolver Arminius, .22 sporting rifle.

Ammunition expenditure per participant 30 rounds.

(participants can arrange additional training with instructors)

Course cost 96 eur.

Course conducted – Raba 1a. Parnu

Starting time at 11:00

16 June