Maritime Firearms Competency Course

Maritime Firearms Competency Course is designed for people who are applying for or working as Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel in maritime security companies. Course duration is 24 academic hours, no independent learning hours. Course  divided into three days and covering following topics:

  • Rules for the use of force
  • Firearms safety on board
  • Most common firearms introduction and drills
  • Weapons handling test
  • Sight systems introduction and handling
  • Marksmanship Principles
  • Shooting from various shooting positions
  • Qualification shoot
  • Long-range shooting
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Completion of the course gives candidates qualification required for PCASP.

Semi-automatic firearms used on this curse AR-15 (5.56 x 45 mm), AK-47, CZ-858 (7.62 x 39 mm), Fn Fal L1 A1, G3 (7.62 x 51mm) and Benelli Argo(7.62 x 63 mm) .

Ammunition expenditure: 250 rounds per participant

EUR 450-i (including VAT 20%)

Course start: 09:30 Pärnu, Raba 1 A

Course dates are:

22-24 March