Pistol basic course

Pistol basic course is designed for people who do not have previous experience with firearms and / or has not completed a professional training for pistol safe handling and proficiency.

Duration of this course: Pistol basic course lasts 16 hours, divided into two days. The course focus on pistol safe operating, handling drills, stoppage and malfunction drills, marksmanship principles, pistol carry methods and set-up, various shooting positions and exercises, shooting exercises with time limit.

The course is conducted in a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Participants will have good explanations and personalized attention.

On completing this course, participants will get base of safe and effective pistol use for, pistol shooting skills.

Pistols used during this course GLOCK-17/19 and CZ-75 SP-01 (9mm).

Ammunition expenditure per participant is 500 rounds.

Cost: 390 EUR.