Rifle basic course

Basic rifled course is designed for people who do not have prior contact with rifles and / or have not participated on rifle proficiency and safe handling training. This course lasts 16 hours, divided into two days.

Course covers a semi-automatic rifle operation, handling drills, stoppage and malfunction drills, marksmanship principles, use of different firing positions and exercises, timed firing. Course is conducted in professional but calm atmosphere that will give participants time for explanations and personalized attention.

Successful completion of the course, gives to participants a self-confidence, safe and efficient shooter qualifications.

Rifles used on the course:  AR-15 semiautomatic weapons (5,56mm), Saiga MK (AK-47 7.62 mm.) and CZ-858 (7,62mm).

Ammunition expenditure per participant is 500 rounds.

 Cost: 390 EUR.