Tactical shooting course

Tactical shooting course is designed for people who have completed “Rifle and Pistol Advance Course” and “. This course lasts 16 hours, divided into two days, and during the crossed following topics are covered:

  • Weapons transition
  • Shooting on move
  • Contact drills, anti-ambush drills close quarter shooting
  • Shoot, no shoot scenarios
  • The various tactical scenarios

On completion, the course participants will have skills knowledge for effective weapon use as team member in different situations.

Pistols used on course: GLOCK-17/19 and CZ-75SW (9mm)

Rifles used on course: AR-15 (5,56mm), Saiga MK (AK-47) and CZ-858 (7,62mm).

Ammunition expenditure per participant is 500 x 9mm rounds and 500 rounds of ammunition 5.56 or 7.62.

Course cost: 550 EUR.