Indoor Shooting Range – Raba 1a. PärnuShooting Range is open:

Friday through to Tuesday form 16: 00 to 20: 00

Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00

(Wednesday and Thursday closed)

  •  25 m. pistol range
  • 50 m. sport rifle .22 cal. Gallery range
  • 10 m. air gun range
  • Weapons Storage
  • Classroom, gymnasium, dressing rooms, sauna

You can celebrate your birthday party or company event with friends. Shooting and handling of firearms allowed by law from the age of 12 in the presence or written permission of a parent. Kids from 10 to 12 years of age, can use air guns


It is possible to use a weapon storage service “Weapon hotel”

  • Weapons and ammunition storage – 2.40 EUR. 24 hours
  • Weapons and ammunition storage – 15 EUR. one calendar month

Shooting range pricing:

  • Shooting your own firearm, weapons permit holder – 8 eur. for one hour / once
  • Shooting your own firearm, weapons permit holder, National Defense League, Veterans, sport shooters: discount price – 6 eur. for one hour / once
  • Shooting your own firearm, weapons permit holder and a companion – 23 eur. one hour / firearm safe handling instruction done by S-Arms Instructor
  • Renting S-Arms weapons by weapon permit holder –12 eur. for one hour / once, (up to and 50 rounds, the ammunition is not included)
  • Firearm safe handling training – 45 eur. Pistol Glock 19/17, Makarov, CZ-75 P01. Roni’kit Glock pistol – a total of 35 shots. Conducted by S-Arms guidance instructor
  • Air gun shooting – 5 eur. half an hour
  • Shooting packages

POTSEPA live firing area

Shooting up to 500 m. (If necessary, possible to shoot up to 1000 m.) Shooting in POTSEPA live firing area only under S-Arms instructor control

Drive out and shooting at POTSEPA live firing area takes apr. 3 hours ( at least three shooters)


Rifle shooting pricing:

Rifle Shooting – 54 eur. Saiga MK  (AK -47), H&K G3 (AK4) – 35 shots

Rifle Shooting – 96 eur. Saiga MK (AK-47), H&K G3 (AK4), AR 15 (M4), Benelli Argo – 95 shots

Rifle and Pistol Shooting – 84 eur. Saiga MK (AK-47), H&K G3 (AK4), pistol Glock 19/17, Glock pistol Roni’kit – 70 shots

It is possible to conduct shooting exercise / training according to the customer’s requirements and budget

Please send us an e-mail or call to book for shooting event.